Go Here! Eat This!

A simple food blog to help the overwhelmed foodie in a crazy big food world



My name is Jessica and after years of eating in some of the best places in and around NYC and Italy, I decided to start a blog called Go Here! Eat This! It is just meant to be simple posts, with tags of where I eat and what I thought was worthy of a post. New York City can be an overwhelming place to come and try to decipher the BEST place to eat and exactly what to get. My posts will be simple, with photos when I can, of my favorite things at those places. Price points will vary. Hopefully, eventually it will be a helpful tool for those traveling to NYC or Italy (or anywhere I may go). Remember, my posts are my opinion. You are always welcome to disagree, but please be NICE. Thank you and enjoy my blog, but most of all, enjoy your food experiences!


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