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World: Meet the Bonut!

As I was going through the pictures on my phone, I came across all these photos of food I was supposed to blog about and just never got around to it. So this is my attempt to blog about some of these amazing places. One of these places is a place in Nashville. Actually there are two places, but today I’m blogging about breakfast. ┬áNow some of you may or may not know, but my brother and his wife live in Nashville. My brother is a DJ on 101.1 The Beat in Nashville and they just built a beautiful home right in downtown. My sister-in-law, Kenya, has a blog of her own and you can read all about them and their awesome house and their 120lb Black Russian Terrier, Walli here: www.halfietruths.com. They LOVE LOVE LOVE Nashville and they LOVE to eat fresh and eat local. Needless to say, they know how much I love food and are always the consummate hosts and take me to their favorite places. Kenya is from Chicago, and apparently Chicago is known for Brunch and this girl loves some brunch!

One of the first places they took me (and my folks and later my hubby and kids) is a place right in downtown Nashville called Biscuit Love. They are in the business of making biscuits. And they also invented…the Bonut. Yes, the Bonut is a donut/biscuit hybrid and it is as good as it sounds. It is basically a fried biscuit (you know the southern kind, the amazing southern biscuit) topped with Lemon Mascarpone that sits in blueberry compote. Can you picture it? Here I’ll help:


You want to get closer?:

Bonut 1

OK and just so you can see the compote:

Blueberry love

If you aren’t into sweet…(I don’t get it really, we can’t be friends) Biscuit Love has a long list of savory dishes as well. The most popular of those would probably be the East Nasty – it’s like fried chicken topped with cheese and sausage gravy on one of their awesome biscuits. (yeah SUPER dietary) But it’s a treat you know?!

Anyway, I can’t rave about this place enough and if you are local you probably know of it already. Just get there early because lines form outside quickly. The line does move so don’t rule it out. I can’t even begin to describe the yumminess, so you either have to take my word for it, or Go Here! Eat This!


Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard…

Well not just boys…go by a Shake Shack ANYWHERE in NYC and there’s a line out the door. The good news is usually the line is for food and NOT just dessert. So if you pass by and you see a long line, double check the dessert line because chances are the line for just a sweet treat is the ticket.

I will admit that I’ve never had the burgers and fries at the Shake Shack. I’ve actually never ever had anything other than the Fair Shake which is what I’m posting about today. And if you know me or follow me on Facebook, you know how careful I am about my sugar intake and how I’m not one to stray too far off my regular high protein diet. BUT…if you are going to cheat…my motto is go big or go home. If you don’t enjoy the cheat…what’s the point?

So, if you like coffee (which I do) and if you like ice cream (only my favorite food on the planet), then the Fair Shake (100% Arabica coffee and their vanilla custard) is definitely for you. The good news is that it isn’t a crazy huge serving. It’s small – well in today’s super size world, and it’s sweet so, it’s really the perfect size. You can’t go wrong with this yummo treat.

I had mine on the UES last weekend. But luckily they are all over NYC and actually they have them in FL and CT and MA, and D.C. and I think even London. So check out their website and if you are ever near a Shake Shack and are dying for a treat…try the Fair Shake! Go Here! Eat This!



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